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Data Mining


      Are you a researcher or a student and you have a large amount of data to collect manually?

      DataHood collects the data you need from any source and delivers it to you fast!

      Save time and energy while we take the burden of the manual, boring procedures off you.

DataHood is a Data Mining company that automates the collection, processing and coding of data for any project. We develop solutions specified for you.

Our mission is to help researchers and students accelerate their project execution by relieving them from manual procedures.


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We first discuss your project requirements, specifically:

2. We create

Now you can relax while we collect the data for you!

After the collection, we process and code the data in the desired format specified in the requirements.

3. You receive

All the data you need for your project. You just saved yourself the time and effort to collect them manually.




We are able to identify, propose and develop the best possible solutions for complex problems.

We use all current cutting-edge technologies in the information industry to effectively deliver innovative results.


We use sophisticated algorithms and techniques in order to automate the collection process.

The mechanized procedure diminishes the human error in data collection and coding.


The automated process can be hundreds or thousands of times faster than a manual one.

You will get the data you need in a fraction of the time it would take a group of people to do the same.



DataHood's founder Dimitris Panouris designed a system that downloaded and processed over 3 million articles from LexisNexis, an online research database. The system downloaded and combined the articles together, found and processed relevant information and coded all the results.
The project's timeline was around 5 months. He made it happen in just a few weeks with consistent and effective results.

Dimitris worked with me in a project regarding Reputation Management in the FA Premier League, a collaboration between RSM and Imperial College Business School.

He is an expert in data collection and coding. He brought ideas and solutions to the table and implemented them flawlessly. He was able to deliver results quickly, and this was a key factor to accelerate our project completion.

I highly recommend him as a professional.

Hesam Fasaei, Researcher in Strategy Department, RSM, Erasmus University

Hesam Fasaei


For a master thesis project, we gathered and coded data from thousands of different Kickstarter campaigns in a span of a few days.

DataHood saved me from over a month of manual coding of data. It only took me a couple of minutes to explain the requirements to the team, and in a very short time they delivered the results exactly as I needed them.

Now I can just focus on the important parts of my thesis. Highly recommended!

Manos Syngarefs, MSc Candidate, RSM, Erasmus University

Manos Syngarefs


DataHood processed and combined multiple GBs of Data (over 40 million rows and thousands of columns), from different sources, including Datastream and Compustat, for a financial project in a span of two weeks.

DataHood helped me in combining a very large dataset from different datasources and processing them into the format needed for the programs I use in my thesis. Dimitris was very careful and attentive in understanding and realizing the complex requirements I had. The results were exactly as I asked for.

Through the help of DataHood I was able to save weeks of manual work. I can recommend the services to everyone.

Saskia P., Msc. Finance & Investments, RSM, Erasmus University


Dimitris Panouris

Dimitris Panouris


Dimitris is a software engineer with extensive experience in Data Mining, Machine Learning and full stack development.

He combined different algorithms and open source tools to develop a comprehensive way to automate any data collection process.

He holds an MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering, where he developed a system that projected the System Marginal Price (SMP) of the Greek wholesale electricity market. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Strategic Entrepreneurship at RSM.

Themis Xanthopoulou

Themis D. Xanthopoulou

External Partner / Modeling Expert

Themis is an environmental engineer and a modeling expert. She has participated in various interdisciplinary projects, developing and implementing solutions to difficult problems. Notable works are the creation of a Human Agent Based Model of an irrigation system in Oman and the statistical analysis of past climatic Data based on proxy records.

She holds two MEng degrees, both with Highest Honours. She has published her work in different journals and has participated in various conferences.

Ioannis Panouris

Ioannis Panouris

External Partner / Business - Economics

Ioannis is an economist and political scientist. He has done research projects with world class researchers from top institutions, including Harvard University and University of Cambridge.

He was covered by international media several times and has won multiple different awards, including a national entrepreneurship award in 2015.

He holds an BSc in Economics with Highest Honours. He is a member of the Board of Directors of SAFIA (Student Association For International Affairs).


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